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The Lost Ways

The Lost Ways

By Claude Davis 
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Saving Our Forefathers’ Skills

In essence, some of what we would view as catastrophe today would be akin to normal daily life 150 years ago.

A life without hyper connectivity with other parts of society, without electricity, and without supermarkets that cater to one’s every need. What better way to prepare for what can’t be predicted, but for which you can still prepare to not only survive but also thrive.

The Lost Ways survival book is a comprehensive guide that aims to reconstruct these lost skills and knowledge, which were second nature to our industrious forefathers.

We live in a time where mankind has not only truly conquered nature, but prolonged human lifespan and greatly enhanced its quality. There has never been such a period in human history, a period of supreme comfort and complacency.

But in doing so, man has also made himself disconnected from nature, and is now utterly dependent on delicate societal and technological infrastructure. Specifically, dependent on the vagaries of governments.

About the Author - Claude Davis

Claude Davis

Claude Davis, author of The Lost Ways book and owner of the with 15 years of survivalist experience, knows all too well how dangerous it can be to become dependent on governmental entities. His grandparents were the lucky ones to escape the horrors of one such governmental predation in Ukraine; known as Holodomor, meaning “death by hunger”, which killed 2.5–7.5 million Ukrainians.

In escaping of collectivism/communism they were able to offer Claude’s parents, and therefore himself, a relatively safe future in the USA.

However, even in the USA the worst thing you can do is take things for granted. Danger vectors are many: environmental, geo-political, economic, epidemic, societal…and if you pay enough attention to the news you may understand how each of these danger vectors could potentially be on the brink of destabilization.

Claude undertook to salvage the life-saving knowledge of his grandparents so everyone can benefit from them, either for historical or practical purpose.

A Group of Experts

To make The Lost Ways an authentic but actionable reality for the reader, Claude Davis drew from numerous sources and experts for whom this is not a mere theory:

And many others…

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Inside This Deal

In addition to The Lost Ways by Claude Davis, you will be able to complement your survivalist skills with three free booklets:

The Lost Ways

Complete  The Lost Ways

Survival book that aims to reconstruct these lost skills and knowledge, which were second nature to our industrious forefathers. Created by Claude Davis, prepper and owner of the “Ask a Prepper” website, and his numerous sources and experts.

What Every Survivalist Should Grow In His Backyard

Bonus #1  What Every Survivalist Should Grow in His Backyard

Find out which are the most reliable plants to grow in all weather conditions for your continuous food supply. How to plant them, grow, harvest, and store them.

How To Outlive An Emp

Bonus #2  How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way

Our great grandparents didn’t even know what an EMP was, nor did they know what modern technology was, but they surely lived, survived, and prospered without it. You’ll learn the things that you should do become self-sufficient, protected, and able to help others if you want to.

Can Rotator System

Bonus #3  Building Your Own Can Rotation System

Efficient organization is key when dealing with large food storage; knowing when something is about to expire is a difference between using an item or discarding it. This system, which can hold up to 700 various can sizes, automatically rotates newly inserted cans, while older ones will be at the front.

The Lost Ways
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